2022 Sermons

2022 Sermons

2022-01-09 Baptism of Our Lord Sunday SERMON

2022-01-16 Second Sunday after Epiphany SERMON

2022-01-23 Third Sunday of Epiphany SERMON

2022-01-30 Fourth Sunday of Epiphany SERMON

2022-02-06 Fifth Sunday of Epiphany SERMON

2022-02-13 Sixth Sunday after Epiphany SERMON

2022-02-20 Seventh Sunday after Epiphany SERMON

2022-02-27 Transfiguration Sunday SERMON

2022-02-06 First Sunday in Lent SERMON

2022-03-09 Second Midweek SERMON

2022-03-13 Second Sunday in Lent SERMON

2022-03-16 Midweek Lenten SERMON

2022-03-20 Third Sunday in Lent SERMON

2022-03-27 Fourth Sunday in Lent SERMON

2022-04-03 Fifth Sunday in Lent SERMON

2022-04-06 Midweek Lenten SERMON

2022-04-14 Maundy Thursday SERMON

2022-04-17 Easter Sunday SERMON

2022-04-24 2nd Sunday of Easter SERMON